Saturday, March 31, 2007

just for fun

i've come to the ultimate conclusion, that our existence is rigged. we're not free, we're just a joke for someone higher, we're a gag, a method of entertainment on a boring saturday evening. we dance as it's signed..we are happy when good things happen and sad when things go wrong. how wonderfully funny must be to see the reactions of a humble human to factors like luck, love, death and hope. just put a little hope there, give a little luck at the start [ just to feel a little the sweet taste of expected victory ] and then distroy all the hope with an unexpected event. bang bang. u'll see the smile the energy the adrenaline the desperation the tears and the sad acceptations of facts..the whole human show, such emotive creatures...

we're just some puppets, we play our part. and when the lightning strucks,instead of losing your head, try to be a bigger person and hold your grip. u'll dissapoint the viewer,u'll be more than a monkey. and for sure u won't be a joker. like me.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

silence talks

zile ciudate si pline de intelesuri oare sau doar noi incercam sa le facem sa conteze si sa nu spunem la final candva ca am trait degeaba cand poate asta facem caci de ce altfel am avea atata nevoie de validare a semnificatiei fiecarei clipe ce se scurge prin si nu pe langa noi oare

cine stie pana la urma...

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

the most important decision of your life

there comes a moment when u have to wonder. what drags you behind?

what's keeping u from achieving your potential? and why others make it?

it's hard.because you have to be honest. and that's really hard...

today i've heard something that might be the key, or anyway, one of the keys..

the biggest mistake u can make it's to say, when the alarm goes on, "just another 10 minutes".

that's definitely keeping u behind...

for the better.