Thursday, June 7, 2007

eazy game.

so this days are about learning mostly. nothing out of ordinary i guess. as this should be the program for the next ...3 weeks or so. i don;t mind. it's cool. read.remember.apply. as eazy as federer crushing nadal in the final.

problem is. u gotta get in the state. u gotta force yourself into reading/learning. because there's a psy barrier. u break that and u are in a new , unlimited teritory..or u don't breka that and u just might be in the losers - land. so choices again..

of course it's only school and many many many [ stress that ! ] are passing the exams with no special effort. but...i am not "the other ppl" so it's my fight to battle that's what makes it important right? if u get that. fine. if u don't. fine again.

u might say. i'm selfish. but i deny that. if i have to be something like that for you. than so be it. but name it properly.

i'm self-centered. :)

[track robbie williams- feel ]

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