Thursday, June 28, 2007

maybe it hurts for a reason.

Maybe it hurts for a reason.I stood there,fascinated again how your eyes turn from light green to dark green based on your feelings,and couldn’t help thinking how bad i blew it. How my idiotic nature,intersected with something that could be such a good thing,decided to destroy again the chance.Because I don’t deserve it...

I tried to express what I feel.But the words danced around the subject,and couldn’t surprise the essential.I couldn’t force myself to say it.And once again the sadness that floats in your eyes made my stomach shrink.i wanted to take that sadness away,put it in a bubble, and leave it there forever.if I could…

U stood up and I needed to hug you ,to feel the touch of your tanned skin,the fresh smell of your hair,the promise of happiness.But I’ve seen it in your body language and in your look that this wouldn’t be good.You just wanted me to stay away and to disappear.And right then , I wanted that too.

After that u walked into the bus,and as the bus’s doors closed I got a last glance at your floral apparence and felt like another sad story started for me.because my stories always start with the end.

[track sunrise avenue - fairtytale gone bad ]


cerv said...

so sad and beautiful.
the sad part in beauty.
or the beautiful part in sadness.

rayne said...

beauty lies in the eyes of the :) don't worry about that.