Friday, April 13, 2007

wrong word.right description.

so i was at someone's house and her mom was doing her mom things round there while we were looking over some school stuff.

at one point her mom went by ,stoped , looked at me and said :

" why don't you two do more team-work for school? she never does anything on her own!!"

"yeah i do" said the girl [ we could call her the scheleton's designer ]

" u are smart, she is beautiful, i'm sure you could work something up!" [ hahaha ]

i was like " thank you, i'm sure she's smart too " [ hahaha ]

" what did i say? "

" beautiful "

" are u sure?! "

the girl in question responded pretty angry: " YES!! "


cand le spui ca sunt frumoase nu le place, daca le spui ca sunt destepte iti zic ca inseamna ca nu le gasesti frumoase. so ce vor de fapt fetele?

dunno, dar pot zice ca eu stiu ce vreau. o fata si frumoasa si desteapta :D

i'm so unique, huh...


Omul cu mainile rare said...

pai si eu daca urasc femeile si urate si proaste e bine sau e rau?

rayne said...

cred ca e rau sa urasti. dar macar ai gusturi :D