Saturday, May 12, 2007

finish it.

sunt unul din acei oameni ghinionsti cred. nu stiu. sometimes i feel this way. there were times when i felt lucky to be me..but fewer and fewer lately...and it just seems like my life's so not fair...

and frankly i'm not too keen on living right now.

but just here. just when i get here. i start to wonder if i'm just giving up too easily on my chances. my future. and me , generally speaking. can i try harder? could i do better? hell.i don;t know.

right now i don't feel like i can. i just don't think i have something to do with all's plain unfair...

tomorow's justice...tomorow's pain..

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InTheDark said...

you know, just when you think you should give up...and don't even bother with what is going on...almost always...something happens that makes you go's tried and tested ;)..i guess it's just life.