Saturday, February 2, 2008


bang! i wake up quickly, grab the book by my pillow ,open it randomly , and start "reading". i have no idea what waked me up, but i'm pretty sure someone entered my room to check if i'm finally done with sleeping. i look a little confused over my book and it's noone there. i stretch and decide to get off bed.As i search for my slippers i notice that i'm fully dressed, my new t-shirt looks all ravelled and my jeans are a mess. no surprise afterall, it's been like that for some time. i then go to my computer move the mouse to see the display and close my eyes for a second before i get a glance at the time,i'm always scared what will say. now, that's a surprise: it's 3:44 a.m.i've been sleepin for..i can't remember.i need sprite,bananas and a shower.i chose to take them backward, i jump under the hot water thinkin that a miracle would be great right now,but no fairy appears in my bathroom asking me what my 3 wishes are, so i take the towel and go back to my room, picking the soda and an apple[ we're out of bananas] on my way. i put on my pj and check the watch again. 3:53. i was pretty quick now i can start learning,as i'm anyway up. but first i have to check my mail, my websites and probably some other chores. time passes quickly and i feel that once again i'll catch the sunrise,i hate it lately, it's a bad sign that i'm going to miss the rest of the sun, or at least until 4- 5 p.m,so i decided to go to sleep and learn later. it's 5 30 a.m and i'm drinking the last drops of sprite. i head to bed thinking again that i have to quit this life. it's not safe. there's too much sugar...

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