Sunday, February 17, 2008


i'm stuck on moments. i see it as a recurring idea in everything i begin to write or think.
moments. i lately started to belive that everything is about a moment. everything has been defined in a moment. we maybe see something as a dynamic process over a period of time, but in reality, what started the 'something' is a moment.

think about a war. the world war II lasted for a couple of years. but the war itself started in a moment of madness ,maybe in hitler's bed when he was 20. that moment definied his actions and all we lived[well, not we but the people who lived it] is the consequence of that moment. sure, he made it happen that's another story.

think about happiness. i used to think that happiness is a momentary state. i am happy now. i'm ok tomorow, not happy. i'll be happy again. but looking at this theory from my new point of view, i understand that happiness can be a permanent or at least continuously state but it is definied by a moment. something inside was touched and changed and generated this intense feeling of happiness. all you feel afterwards is a consequence. and that's maybe the beauty of it.

same with love. i know that people say(and in english is this very good construction) "i've grown to love her/him" for exemple. but it's not like one day you loved someone less, the other more and more until u hit the jackpot. everything was a forplay. a forplay for the moment when loved really emerged.

maybe it's silly. but that's what i think and i live and die by moments. and when i feel i just happend to had one,i'm really interested to feel,live and see the consequences of the moment.

and i'm so dissapointed to see it wasted.

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