Monday, January 8, 2007

mommy,mommy, there's a mouse in the kitchen !

i just wanted to eat a sandwich before i go to bed. i cut the bread. when my sis entered.

i took the chees and start creating. when smth was like a fast black movement in the corner of my eye. i turned around. sis was staring at me "DID U SEE IT?!". i said " See what? " . very calm. i proceded to cut the cheese thing. "It was a RAT!!!". i smiled and said sounding very sure of myself "nee..maybe a bug..".

"oh come on! bugs don't run so fast! "

"oh..they do ..they do..." [ right... ]

As i made my sandwich the thing decided to go under the fridge. he passed thru my legs and hidded fastly.

my calm evaporated as i droped the mustard on the floor and start screaming.

"it's a RAT. it's a RAT!!! " ruuuuuun.

i got out of kitchen as my sister was already in the bathroom. i shut the door and start finally breathing.


my sis came and said.."oh my god! oh my god! we are cursed. why are they alwasy mice where we stay? what's that? is it a sign? we are cursed!! :((( " she started sniffin terrified.

"eeeh..don't be silly! it's just little mouse. he doesn;t bite! "

"go to sleep!"

"aaa..aren't u afraid?! "

"who me? of a mouse?? come on. i'm a MAN! "


she ended up wth the yellow pages in my bed [ said she can't sleep alone! ] looking for ppl to kill the mouse

"do u think gheorghe popescu would do it??? "

"aham...i'm sure he would!"

"what about andaluzia narcovescu ? "

"haha. no way! she'd run away scared and get herself a hotel room! "

"mmm...i think maria nicolae is the one!! "

"noup. she'd feed the mouse and build him a lil house..not a good choice. stop looking in the wrong book sis!! "

later that nite. me , the MAN. went in the kitchen to take a glass of water armed with my toy sword [ the mouse couldn;t know it's a toy right?! ] and boots to kick him if he wants to attack...then got to the computer and watched "the attack of the mice".

talk about irony...

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